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2020 Reflections

This the second video I have ever created and in contrast to the first video being 20 seconds long, this is 20 minutes long! This is a visual that accompanies a meditation track that I wrote at the end of 2020. It may be a surprise , or not, that not much "happens". No beats, no bass line, no cheesy harmonized progressions. This is a reflective piece about what hasn't happened "out there", rather what happened within our minds and bodies throughout the year aptly labelled 2020.

Mindfulness meditation practise has been a highly effective tool in my life that combats my rampaging brain and the mayhem that surrounds most if not all of my "past". It took me about about 2 years to reach the point that meditation is not about relaxation or calmness, rather alertness with awareness, of the mind and body in its preferred natural state without the intervention of what "should" or "could" or "wants". In fact no one has ever explained "relaxation" in a proper sense to me before, even though I was told "just relax!" so many times by teachers, friends etc Because I found it impossible to relax, other than when drinking alcohol, to the point that the concept actually scared the shit out of me, I avoided this relaxation advice. Through tension and release practise in yoga and being alert whilst meditating, I started finding this relaxed state...just split seconds at a time! I try and apply these techniques to every activity no matter how small or impossibly huge!!

So, as my friend told me "point the camera out the window, get something real" so, one day I saw a great sunset in the distance so I setup my camera etc. However instead of focusing in the distance, the camera preferred the rain droplets on the window which contain the view of the sunset, upside down, and very small! Also the colour haze of the changing sunset blends into the out of focus hue that changes over 20 minutes, very slowly!

This track was made using my recently built Eurorack modular synthesizer. I have found the process of building it <which takes years> and working with it highly therapeutic and energising for your mind.

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