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DOTODOT is a live electronic music performer originally from Canberra, Australia. The journey began around 1996.

DOTODOT produces music, ranging from epic live performances to heavily edited tracks.  

DOTODOT's electronic music inspiration is...

"a combination of amplifiers, voltages, vibrations and loudspeakers.....with people."   

DOTODOT started taking photos and  alot of people liked the pictures...."I hope that these images inspire everyone I don't already know." 

DOTODOT has recently moved to Sweden from Australia.  So, DOTODOT is based in Sweden!

This website is a safe place for my electronic music and visuals to have a fulfilled and happy life.  All music on my website is in full resolution quality, and the images are also in full resolution so you can view them on big screens and listen to music on big sound systems. 

You can buy my music on Bandcamp and is also available on every streaming service known to mankind thus far.  

All my material is as genuine as I can possibly manage, with a big emphasis on live performance, creation of original ideas and concepts that are not based on particular scenes or genres.

All content on this site is my own, both audio and visual. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in booking me for gigs and collabaration, brain storming, inspiration, motivation, ranting....